Launching an App that Creates Waves and Attracts Users: How to Do It?

The world of apps is vast and can sometimes literally feel bottomless. Statistically speaking, we have an excess of 2.46 million apps on Google Play and another 1.96 million apps on Apple’s App Store. These figures are exclusive of the additional millions of apps available on Windows Store and Amazon Stratosphere. Competitive much? It most certainly is!

The question many ask is; in a market as saturated as this, how does one ensure that the app they develop and deploy will be well received and successful?

How to make Sure Your App is a Success at Launch?

There are a lot of things that go into creating successful apps. Apart from the work you put in during development as well as pre-development considerations you need to make such as app affordability and usefulness, there are some things you can do to ensure success.

We’re going to elaborate on some ways you can really ensure that your app deploys with a bang when you’ve done your bit on the development end!

ASO Strategies

ASO stands for app store optimizing and is something that many developers and app creators forget to do. ASO involves sharing snippets of your app development process to generate interest in your target users well before deployment. Other information you can provide may relate to app function, and usage descriptions with incorporation of high ranking keywords and terminology that will land people on your page.

Do this during the development process and look into using ASO specific tools to help push and inform your keyword strategy. Finally, engagement and interaction with users as well as tests and beta versions of apps are also extremely helpful. The more users anticipate your apps arrival, the more powerful your launch will be.

Implementation of In-App Analytics

To make things simple, in-app analytics are what help you track the way your users engage with your app as well as any related media. It helps to take everything from available reviews and downloads to ratings, usage rates and going trends into account. The more information you have to analyze, the more accurate your results will be.

This information will then serve as the cornerstone for your further campaigns and pre-launch marketing.

App-Install Ads

The simple uploading or deployment of your app in today’s app market will probably not do much by way of interest generation. App-install ads are what come in handy here as they serve to attract users from places other than your designated app store. They may also be used for the leveraging of in-app analytics making details such as CPI (cost per install) as well as CPA (cost per action) visible.

Using app-install ads for this purpose however can be tricky business which is why we recommend you work closely with your app developer when undertaking the same.

Concluding Statement

If you want your app to launch in a big way, you’re going to have to pay attention to detail and be on the ball from the get-go! Do follow these tips if you want that app to launch with a bang and if you feel you need support or assistance, you can always work with us! Till next time!

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