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We Can Develop An App Like Deliveroo & Build Your Business

It has now become a common practice to order products, services and even get food delivered online. Online food delivery services are aplenty but not every such service has proven effective and popular. Mobile apps such as Zomato and Deliveroo have just recently earned recognition to the point that every individual has been looking for ways to start an online food business of his own.

It takes a lot to own a food delivery business and only the experts at diverse app development know how to make an app like Deliveroo. If you think all you need is a food delivery mobile app as a business then you have come to the right platform.

Unique Features To Make An App Like Deliveroo

Here are some of the key features we integrate to build an app like Deliveroo for our clients.

Customer Features

Find Restaurants

The customer can choose from a variety of different restaurants directly from the app dashboard.

View Menu

The customer can view the menu of the restaurant he chooses and finds what to order.

Place Order

The customer then proceeds to place an order by selecting the food items he chose to order.

Get Discounts

Along with every order, the customer can possibly receive some bonus or discount offer if applicable.

Payment Method

The app will provide the customer with secure online payment options as well as cash on delivery.

Track Order

After the customer places an order, he can track it directly from the app in real-time.

View Status

The status of the order placed by the customer can be tracked along with its real-time updates.

Rate & Review

The customers will have full leverage to rate and add reviews about the restaurants they order from.

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Restaurant Features

Menu Management

Every vendor partner has the option to add new food items into the menu as well as discounted deals.

Payment Management

Once a customer places an order from a restaurant, the payment can be reported to the vendor at once.

Order Management

The customer’s order can be managed by the restaurant directly along with the current status of the order.

View Reviews

Reviews given by the customers to the restaurant will be placed on the vendor’s profile and viewed there.

Add Items

The restaurant can add, edit and update the menu with new food items as per their need.

Order History

The order history will be shown to both the customer and restaurant including the payment, order time and food items.

Update Status

The status of the order can be timely updated and managed by the restaurant.

Generate Invoice

An invoice will be generated by the restaurant which will be given to the customer who placed the order.

Proper Cost Estimation To Create An App Like Deliveroo

The prime concern of all out clients is how much does to cost to make an app like Deliveroo and we have all the answers to your concerns regarding the time, price and equipment needed to build your app. The following factors govern the final estimation of your app’s pricing.

  • The programming solution and operating system chosen for the app
  • The level of expertise of the app development and design team
  • All the tools used in the app’s development
  • How complex the app creation and design can become
  • Total number of app features and modules
  • Proper integration of features and back-end development.

Once we are given the complete list of app requirements as well as your app customization preferences, it becomes easier for us to determine the cost in a week’s time.

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