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Have you ever thought about getting inside your gaming app? Do you know you can bring your favorite characters out of the game interface and right into your dorm room? Well, when we are here anything is possible. You must have heard about Pokémon Go, the magical game that has fascinated millions of game lovers around the world. At our platform, we ensure to provide services where we make app like Pokémon Go just for you.

At the most affordable cost and flexible pricing plans, we step up the game and make it even more enticing for the users. You can have an app exactly like that, simply get on our app, and share your concerns about how to create an app like Pokémon Go. Our customer support team is there for your every concern. We will help you place a quick order and get your app development started.

Our Unique Approach to App Development

We know just about the right way to build an app like Pokémon Go and we never fail a chance to amuse our users. We, being the pioneered of app development industry are equipped with top-notch software and tools. We strive hard to deliver an advanced quality app to our users at the most reasonable cost. The many features present in our apps, some of them are listed below:

Real-Time Tracking

The AR-backed app that we create has an amazing facility to provide real-time tracking. Your users can track the location of the characters in real-time. They can find out where the characters are hiding and how far they are from your place.

Tracking of Geo-location

Apart from this, they can track where the characters are located. They can augment the real world into the game module and see the characters roaming around him virtually. The characters will be present at just the location the user will be standing. Whether it’s a region miles away from one place, each user will be able to see their character right at the place where they are present.

High Definition Quality

We create such an app like Pokémon Go that you will never judge from the slightest aspect the difference between real humans and augmented characters. We use such color enhancement techniques that give a real look to each scene and character. This shows our brilliant work and highlight years of excellence.

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Our Gallery of Tools and Accessories

We have a full-fledged gallery of tools and software, which enables us to develop an app like Pokémon Go. Even the user can tap into a custom gallery to select the outfit and personality of his or her character. It will form a strong bond between them and will encourage the user to spend more time on the ap

A Range of Themes and Concepts

At flexible pricing, we make apps like Pokémon Go that are full of a number of themes and concepts. You can select whichever them you want to enjoy. You can even customize themes with the color of your choice. In each app, we provide a huge range of facilities that makes it even easier for users to indulge in the app. The apps are fascinating in every aspect.

Graphics And Characterization

We incorporate the most unique graphics and appealing characterization. We plan out every area in order to attract the user. We create such an app strategy that makes the user spend more hours on the app to generate the highest revenues. We know the right way to bring your brand among the top searches and we can help you garner millions of attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Pokémon GO is an interactive gameplay-meets-exercise application. In order to develop an app like that you require an acute understanding of the developing process as well as Playstore and Appstore rules. We offer unmatched services with our team of experts. Additionally, we provide gaming app solutions that stand out in the market.

A: We provide unmatched solutions in creating applications similar to existing ones. Develop App Like has delivered applications in countless categories. Developing applications in the gaming category is our specialty, as our skilled team members back our methodical approach towards app development.

A: Geo-location based applications require position data of a user. Therefore, creating them requires an astute understanding of interactive maps and GPS services. Our Develop App Like experts have years of experience in creating Geo-location related applications. We offer both the expertise and solution in creating an app like Pokémon Go.

A: Pokémon Go is an open-source application, created using the Libgdx framework in JavaScript library. It is a viable tool used specifically to create gaming applications. However, it requires impeccable developing skills to make apps with Libgdx, and we, at Develop App Like, take pride in providing unmatched solutions.

A: The sole decider in an application’s cost is the category and work-hours it requires. Our team of experts has years of experience in developing applications. Therefore, we at Develop App Like do not only save your valuable time but also save you from costly solutions.

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