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Would you like to put on some cool filters and double the fun? Well, you can stir a bit of excitement among your target audience all the while generating bounty of revenues to roll. Surprised? Here is the perfect solution for you. Get on our platform and try out how we create an app like Snapchat at the most reasonable cost.

We are renowned as the premier app development company. Serving customers from over a decade, we have worked with a number of industries both local and international. We have years of experience catering to a diverse range of businesses and fulfilling their unique needs. We can bring you among the top charts on the play store and app store. We know how to develop an app like Snapchat while offering the most flexible prices and cost. There is a lot that will amuse you so learn about the features we incorporate in our apps.

Our Massive Range of Features

We develop an app like Snapchat that is well equipped with a wide range of features. We know how to keep the audience indulged completely and the right way is to provide them with a number of options to interact with. Therefore, a few of the smart features are described as follows:

Capture Snaps

We build apps like Snapchat that has a high definition picture quality. You can click snaps and can even enhance them before uploading. Moreover, along with taking a picture, you will be facilitated by video recording features as well.

Apply Filters

From face swap to a rabbit filter, the gallery will be full of many options to make your look prettier or even more adorable. You can provide your users with a large gallery that will adjust the filter as per their facial features.

Snap Stories

The way we make an app like Snapchat is unbeatable. We provide an instant facility to upload short-lived stories. In this way, you can provide customers with a progressive platform to interact with each other and to form a basis for communication. Your friends can join you anywhere to add moments in making lovable memories.

Search Stories

Apart from uploading stories, those who want to discover more stories and snapchat accounts worldwide can go to the discover option and find accounts that match to their interests. They can follow the accounts and get the latest updates.

Chat Filters

If you are thinking that adding filters to images and videos are the maximum we can provide, then you are sorely mistaken. We provide you with a range of editing and enhancing facilities to make your messaging even more fulfilled. You can send messages by adding stickers and interesting filters.

Geo Location

Users can add location filters to their snapchat stories where they can add their current location in the form of appealing filters and stickers. The location tag can even be created in a textual form.

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Our Skilled Team of Developers

Marking a difference in the app industry, our exceptional developers and designers always stand at the top by delivering the highest quality work. We know what is required to maximize the online visibility and boost revenues. We ensure our customers with an increase in conversions and an acceleration of online reach. We guarantee timely delivery of every app. Our developers gather every single detail from the customer before beginning the app creation. Moreover, we stay focused on achieving the goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: It can be a bit difficult to create an app like Snapchat, bearing in mind how Snapchat similar apps require expertise in Bootstrap and JS frameworks. However, we at Develop App Like have experts with years of experience because of whom this task is achieved with no difficulty whatsoever.

A: Apps similar to Snapchat require expertise in Bootstrap, and JS frameworks to create a viable front-end. Whereas Python, Cocoa Touch, PHP, and Objective-C are used vastly in creating the final product. We at Develop App Like comprise of teams with expertise and experience in all of the above-mentioned areas.

A: Yes, we could. Developing an app with Swift requires an acute understanding of iOS applications. Additionally, it necessitates extensive knowledge of xCode, the primary iOS app development platform. Our experts provide services in iOS app building, enabling them to make an application like Snapchat.

A: Apps like Snapchat comprise of a few key elements. These include face-filters, stories and search options, chat filters, and Geo-location services. Integration of these, along with work-hours, may prove costly. However, the team of Develop App Like thoroughly strategizes the app development, saving a lot of money and time.

A: Snapchat’s front-end is a viable combination of both JS and Bootstrap. Additionally, elements of Python and Objective-C are visibly present in its core. Coding them is no easy task, but our teams make it look effortless. Develop App Like has years of experience in utilizing these languages.

A: An app like Snapchat may require up to 8 weeks for development, considering the elements and mixture of programming languages. Beginners, however, may take even longer than that. But we at Develop App Like have experience spread over the years that allows us to develop apps like Snapchat in the shortest possible time.

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