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Develop App Like is a leading brand that provides the ultimate opportunity to create an app for iPhone and Android. You can browse through your App Store and Play Store to hunt for the most successful app with unique features. We can develop an exactly same app with an innovative touch to increase your chances of success. You will be able to entice your target audience and garner attention through a seamless interface. Keeping user experience in mind, every development step is taken with the utmost intelligence.

We have gathered a team of diligent developers to create android app online and to provide expert assistance to customers. Having a global reach, we strive to stand on the expectations of our customers and to deliver exceptional services. We handpick every feature and strategically place them to bring out effective outcomes. You will be able to secure a prominent position in the respective app stores by creating an app for iPad. So, without wasting another moment, quickly get in touch!

How We Create iPhone
& Android Apps

We follow a simple and minimalistic approach to develop IOS and Android apps. We do not complicated the process yet it is full of complexities, which we struggle to overcome. For us, our customer satisfaction is the most important brick to completing a successful order. We do not want to keep them oblivion of all the complications that we faced to fulfil their demands and what needs to be done to improve the efficiency of their app. Whether it’s about making project quotations or devising the ultimate strategy to follow, we keep our customers fully updated. Therefore, here is a glimpse of our development process. You can see how we individually pay attention to each aspect for ensuring improved app quality.


The Creative Brief

We first gather the details from our customers and dig deeper into capturing every single instruction they want us to follow. We prepare a detailed questionnaire that automatically provides us with all the details needed to start working on the app creation process.


Research and Strategy Making Process

The second phase is carrying out brief research to understand the market and the niche. We then create the result-oriented strategy to follow for producing an innovative app keeping user preferences in mind.


The UI/UX Design

We create the most stunning graphics, which is not too clustered to soil the usability. We add credibility by keeping a brand uniformity intact. Each aspect leads and guides the user and brings ease in the user experience.



We produce a prototype to be approved by the customer. We follow the exact instructions our customer send us and strive to keep him satisfied.


The Development Phase

Once the prototype is approved, we step towards the development phase. We use highly advanced tools and software to produce a seamless app.


Evaluation and Delivery

Once we are through the evaluation phase where were carry out A/B testing, we forward the app for delivery. We ensure fast and on-time delivery to our customers.

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We create iPhone and Android apps having a diverse touch of creativity. You will find a number of options and features that make the entire experience efficient. You will love spending time on the app and indulging in its activities. Whether it’s about making a game app or to create an app for IPad, each service will individually entice you.


Why Count On Us

We at Develop App Like know just about the right way to execute the finest development methods. We create Android app online using highly advanced tools and software that can help us drive out excellence. We pay focus on every single area and strive to bring out an engaging flair. Our work depicts our years of excellence and the level of expertise. We incorporate a huge variety of features in each app and develop it using high tech tools. Moreover, our process of order placement is incredibly simple. Whether you have the technical knowledge or not, we assist you so efficiently that it becomes easier for you to share your needs and tell us about your demands.

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