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An App Like Discord

Why You Should Create
App Like Discord

Discord is a relatively recent mobile app but it’s desktop version had already won the hearts of avid gamers worldwide. Now these gamers no longer had to enable built-in chat options in the games they play as they can easily communicate each other by being present in a single lobby. This sparked several ideas for other online chatting and messaging apps and programs for gamers but not most of them became successful.

So, if you think you are eager to own a voice chatting app then you can collaborate with our development experts who know how to create an app like Discord without overlooking any intricate detail.

Comprehensive List Of Features To Make App Like Discord

We have listed the following core features we will add to make app like Discord.

Online Servers

Users can create both private and public servers where they can add other users to chat with them.

Online Channels

Similar to group servers, the app even has the option to create channels including multiple users.

User Roles

The server owner will be the admin and will have the complete authority to assign different roles to server members.

Permission Options

The users with specific roles as server members will be given various options for permissions.

Chatting Feature

Just as Discord includes both video and voice chatting features, so will your video chatting app.

Share Files

The app users can do more than voice and video chat. They can even share files between more than two individuals at once.

Share Screens

If the user is facing issues in explaining or sending a specific message, he can share his screen with the recipient.

Get Notifications

Users can stay updated about any latest news and group messages through the push notifications feature.

Chat History

The chat history will not be cleared and it contains the option to search for messages as well.

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Segments Of User App Features & Modules

We are very meticulous and immaculate with our approach to make app like Tinder for you and our prior clients can vouch for our ability to develop renowned dating apps as well. The user app module will have some of the following unique features.

Freemium Model

In the freemium model, your app will be free to download and use but it will have some in-app purchase options that once upgraded, will give the users access to premium features.

App Advertisements

If you run advertisements into your app, you can earn a certain commission from each advertisement that is played while your users are using the app.

Paid Version

You can even choose not to keep your app free and charge a specific amount whenever someone wants to download it. The paid version can include multiple and exclusive features.

In-App Purchases

The final option you have is to include various in-app purchase options into your app. Whenever a user would have to use certain extra features, he would first have to pay.

Know The Cost To Create App Like Discord

If you have made up your mind to work with a specific app development team then the estimation and determination of the actual cost to make app like Discord will be calculated. The price entirely depends upon how scalable you want your app to be, its feature and the complicatedness of the app. We currently develop mobile apps for iOS and Android operating systems so that is going to play a role in the pricing calculation as well as the expertise and number of individuals who will work on your app.

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