How To Make A Dating App Like Tinder With Affordability

Create App Like Tinder And Surpass The Industry

The domain of online dating has become profusely popular after the emergence of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. The concept to develop app like Tinder is not only benefiting individuals to find future partners but is also helping the dating app owners sustain a lucrative business in this digital era.

You might be well aware of how to create a dating app like Tinder but the resources, cost, and features required to design and develop a dating app are quite extensive. Only a professional app development firm will help you build a striking dating app with immaculate features and modules.

Features Needed To Make App Like Tinder

The following features are primarily required to build an app like Tinder.

Swipe Right

All it takes is a simple swipe to the right to connect with individuals you are interested in.

Admin Controls

The app admin has complete control to manage multiple users through a single dashboard.


Individuals that make your preferences will be shown on the app interface for quick matchmaking.

Push Notifications

We have already enabled push notifications for the app to help you notify and update users with ease.

Chat & Connect

Once you match with a specific individual, you can freely chat and message each other.

Photos & Videos

Option to share and upload photos, videos and other forms of digital media.

Display Ads

A separate section for paid adverts is created so the app owner can earn through it.

Subscription Model

The app will follow a freemium model of subscription where users will be charged a certain fee for more features.

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Segments Of User App Features & Modules

We are very meticulous and immaculate with our approach to make app like Tinder for you and our prior clients can vouch for our ability to develop renowned dating apps as well. The user app module will have some of the following unique features.

User Registration

The initial step to using the dating app is to ask the user to register and create an account.

User Profile

After the account has been created, the user will have a personal profile of his own.

Find Your Match

Once the user adds his details, he can start searching for potential matches on the app.

Chat Screen

If a user mutually matches with other users, he can begin chatting with them privately.

Browse Profiles

Users can freely browse and explore the profiles of individuals they match with.

Detect Location

Location detection feature to find individuals who are near you or in the same city.


You can set your own preferences by changing and customizing the settings as you deem fit.

Send & Share

Digital media can be shared between the app users both privately and publically.

Block Users

If you do not a certain user to approach you or view your block, the blocking option is available.

Current Status

You can toggle your offline and active status accordingly on your personal profile.

App Purchases

While the app is free to use, we still include some in-app purchases for monetization purposes.

How Much Does It Cost To Create App Like Tinder

Our development team can only estimate the price to develop a dating mobile app after you have given each detail about your app project. Once we get the information, it becomes easier for us to determine the cost. It entirely relies on the type of features, number of modules, level of complexity, development time and the operating system chosen by you for your dating app.