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Media and file sharing mobile apps are several but only a few of these apps have become famous across iOS and Android app stores. One such app that has brought ease in digital sharing and transfers is Shareit. Now with its ever-growing popularity, those who seek to build businesses on file transfer apps want to make app like Shareit but either have less or no means to. That is where we enter the bigger picture and help individuals own apps similar to Shareit.

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To create app like Shareit, an extensive list of resources, modules, and features is needed. Here are the following features we never falter to add.

Upload Files

An option to upload files or documents by specifying a particular category for it.

Manage Files

Secure file management feature where users can view and search for documents by adding specific filters.

Encrypt Files

File encryption methods that allow users to keep their files safely secured and encrypted. An SSL layer is used for it.

Location Sharing

Multiple users can share their current location between each other and easily own access to the files they share in a private and secure environment.

Quick Share

Quick and timely sharing options where numerous files can be sent and received between two or more parties.

Send Documents

Send documents to your contact list or other recipients without having to use any other sharing option or app.

View Documents

The app will contain a document viewer of its own where all the stored files can be viewed in their respective formats such as Doc, PDF or PPT.

Activity Status

An insight page for user activity including old and current stats about the number of files shared and received by the user.

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The Importance To Build An App Like Shareit

A cross-platform file sharing and transfer app, Shareit is a free app that offers more than simple sharing options. You can share a lot more than files and documents as the app has encompassed all the sharing needs of individuals, which include sharing images, photos, audios and music files without any delays.

Quick Transfer

Quickly transfer files from one device to another with a speed even faster than Bluetooth.

Type Of Files

No restriction in transferring different types of files such as photos, videos, audio files, and music.

View Offline

The app has an option to view documents and play videos in an offline mode with no compromise on resolution quality.

Play Videos

The app can even be used as a video player with no time consumed on buffering the video content.

Play Music

Users can make use of the app as a music player and gain access to trending music worldwide.


Trending music in the industry can be accessed in the music section so users can stay updated with the latest music in real-time.

Digital Media

Along with sharing and transferring options, the app has a separate section for downloading images and wallpapers.

The Development Cost To Create App Like Shareit

We do not provide a fixed cost for the development and design of your app as it is only added to the price package of your app project after we have carefully analyzed each of your requirements as well as the time and level of complexity involved in the creation of the app. The cost can even vary if you want to customize the design and app’s user experience further. It is also required to select the app platform and operating system, iOS or Android, you intend your app to be developed on.

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