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Do you want to earn money with yet another app like Uber? Well, that will be a great plan to kick start a prosperous business. We can help you out in winning a prominent place in the market by making an app like Uber. With our top-notch technology, we let you embark on a progressive journey to establish your own business identity. All you have to do is to get inspired by an already existing business and ask us to build an even more innovative one than that. We are here to support you and to buckle you up with cutting edge resources.

At the lowest cost and with flexible pricing packages, we fulfil the unique demands of our customers. We will help you build an app like Uber within just a matter of a few days. We have been operational for many years. And over this brief period of time, we have learned to execute some of the finest process backed with above par strategies and result-driven scopes. So, join hands and let’s get on the journey to unleash maximum productivity.

How To Create An Android App Like Uber

We have kept an incredibly simple process to order an app like Uber. You do not have to face any hassle just a few clicks and your app is forwarded for the development. So, if you are wondering as to how to develop an app like Uber, learn about our development process below:

Payment Procedure

First select the cost-effective package available on our platform and proceed with the payment.

The Creative Brief

Submit the detailed questionnaire filled with your project brief to let us know what kind of app you want.


You will get a prototype of your app. You can ask whatever changes you want us to make. Once you approve that we will proceed with the development phase.

The Development Part

We will keep you updated throughout the process and will discuss important aspects for further satisfaction.

The App Launch

Once we are through the development phase we will deliver the app right on time. You can take a look and share your feedback with us.

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Feature-Rich Interface Of Our Apps

We know how to create an Android app like Uber. We equipped it with many features to bring ease in functionality.

Geo Location Tracking

The taxi app like Uber will offer real-time GEO location tracking for both the interfaces- for the customer and the driver. Both can share their locations and allow each other to view where to reach and the spot where the car is present.

Easy Payment Modes

The second facility is to provide the safest and easiest payment modes. We will let you have the privilege of connecting your debit and credit cards or select “pay by cash” mode.

Messaging and Calls

to forms a smooth communication system between the driver and the user, we provide messaging and calling facilities. You can get in touch with your driver to help him with the navigation. You can send instant messages or select the pre-installed templates to save typing time.

Profile Check

Before you climb in any vehicle, you get the facility to view the profile of your driver. You can see how many rides has he taken up until now and what are his ratings. For your satisfaction, we keep everything updated automatically. Both the interface will show the profile. The driver will be able to see yours as well. As to how good the customer is and what ratings has he or she received by other drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Applications like Uber require the services of developers with different expertise. These include the integration of Geo-location, GPS, Map, and Payment APIs, which may prove costly. However, we at Develop App Like comprise of experts and save hours of work, saving a lot of our client’s money in the process.

A: Apps like Uber comprise of a myriad of complex application development methods. These include languages from the JS framework library, as well as Go and Python. We at Develop App Like offer unmatched services in app development to make something like Uber.

A: Bear in mind that taxi apps like Uber require integration of multiple APIs and may take hours of testing. These include Geo-location, maps, and payment method API incorporation. But since our teams have experience in creating apps like Uber, we waste no time in presenting the final product.

A: Node.js and Go are two of the primary languages used in Uber’s development. Additionally, there are some aspects, which require Python and other Java sub-languages. We have experts from different facets of app development. That’s the reason why Develop App Like is widely considered to be one of the primary app solution companies.

A: Android application development requires a very accurate understanding of Android Studio and its plugins. iOS applications are made with xCode, an integrated iOS development tool. Develop App Like comprises of teams with experts in both platforms, respectively, while offering impeccable development services.

A: Development of a smart-phone application depends on the complexity of it. Apps like Uber require API integrations of maps, GPS, and other Geo-location services. However, our experts at Develop App Like take little to no time in getting to the core process, saving our clients’ precious hours and money.

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