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You must be watching how often you book a cab and what vital roles these private cab companies are playing in the life of a common man. You do not have to worry about whether you knew the exact location of the place or not, your driver will surely be going to take you there. Moreover, it provides the safest medium to earn a profit; hence, it’s a business worth investing in.

Therefore, we step forward to provide the best solutions to our customers. We are here to answer your queries related to how to create an app like Grab. We will be producing apps full of features and facilities to attract users and drivers. The aim will be to facilitate both the interfaces- of the user and the customer. So, if you have a broader perspective to your business idea and you just need a little touch of innovation to enhance productivity, you can get in touch with us. We are here waiting for you and eager to help you take a leap to success with our unmatched expertise.

How To Make App Like Grab In A Blink!

We equip the interface with a bundle of features that help in bringing potential customers closer to your app. We know how to develop app like Grab and have years of experience in developing the finest one. We provide the most cost-effective service to accelerate the productivity of the app. Learn about the many features below:

Geo-location Sharing

We hunt down the internet to look for promising features that can bring ease in the usability. So, when figuring out how to make an app like Grab, we incorporate features to stir up user engagements. We provide geo-location sharing option that facilitates both the user and its customers. Both the parties can share their current location which they can even track in real-time to see where the car is coming from or to where they are headed.

Flexible Payment Modes

You do not have to stick to paying cash for your every ride. Its time you pop your card into the app and get going safely. You can add debit and credit cards as well.

Multiple Drop-off

For travelers, there is a feature to add multiple drop-offs. You can check in to more than two places in a single ride. This saves your time of re-booking and lets you enjoy the drive without any hassle.

Push Notifications

The moment you book your ride, you will get notified just when the riders reach close to you. The app will show you the correct time of his arrival and your time of reaching the location you have entered. You will be updated about everything all throughout the ride.

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Admin Features To Facilitate App Usability

We facilitate admins with a number of features that makes it easier for them to keep a check on everything. With our superior expertise, you will witness the most innovative techniques about how to create an app like Grab at the most affordable cost.

Interactive Stats

You can monitor all the leads and the income generated through your rides. You can get the information about the location of your customers as well. You will be able to target those regions efficiently.

Backup Features

Getting the details of potential customers is the essential thing involved in a business. With our apps, you can easily locate your customers and track their activities to offer them cool promo codes and bog discounts.

Driver Profile

Just as a new driver joins the hood you can maintain his profile to provide assurance to your customers.

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