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Reasons To Design & Make App Like Yelp

With every single routine-based need of ours being fulfilled through digital platforms, websites and apps, the thought of traveling, finding an eatery or booking a plane ticket have become easier than ever. Now individuals can travel without any hurdles and make it more enjoyable than before as all the necessary elements, information, products, and services they would require are available online in the form of websites and apps.

One such app that has become popular amongst tourists and travel enthusiasts is Yelp. It is not only giving ease to travelers but the owners of Yelp are even earning through the bookings the app users make. It is not even rocketing science instead; it is the right use of simple monetization techniques. So, are you having similar ideas to own an app like Yelp?

How To Create An App Like Yelp With Accurate Features

The following is the list of features needed to develop app like Yelp.

User Registration

Users will first have to register on the app and then add the relevant information into their profiles.

User Profile

Profile creation and management feature where users can update information, addresses and manage their reviews.

Find Location

In the case of placing an order, the app will detect and find the exact location of the user.

App Notifications

If new changes, updates or news is out then users will be informed through push notifications.

Sharing Options

Users can share brand profiles and media amongst other users or on social media.

Add Filters

Search filters are applied to the search bar to find the relevant services, places or products.

View Images

The view media feature is meant to help users view images or videos of the companies present.

App Analytics

The app owners will view each app insight into a detailed overview of app analytics.

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Why Good User Experience Matters For Your App

Since an app like Yelp would be focusing on multiple products, services, and places at once, it is essential for it to have a user-friendly interface that simplifies the needs of its users. If the app interface is cramped and bloated with too many options and features at once, users will not be able to find the business or service they intend to opt for.
For that, here is how we make your app’s user experience simple and easy.

Visibility Matters

If anything, the visibility of the buttons, text, and search options on your app matters more than anything. That way your app users will not spend too much time searching for what they want.

Clear Instructions

To make a purchase or to book a restaurant reservation, the instructions to do so need to be simple, clear and concise. We keep on simplifying the UX until we find what would benefit your users.

Voice Integration

Another great feature that we could add to your app on demand is voice search. It is not included in the package you shall choose but for further customizations, we can consider adding voice search integration.

How Much Will It Cost To Build An App Like Yelp?

We cannot disclose the actual pricing plan to make app like Yelp but we can explain the factors that determine the final price of the app. As a brief overview, the cost of your app relies on the feature selection, operating system (iOS or Android platform), expertise of developers, total time and the overall complexity of the app development and design phase.

So, now have you made up your mind to create app like Yelp and have a full-fledged business of your own? Well, you are in luck as you have come to the right place.

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