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Online video streaming websites have been constantly emerging but now every streaming platform has become popular. Platforms such as YouTube only emerged for the purpose of free entertainment and collaboration but now apps and websites similar to YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch have become full-fledged business models.

Countless business owners are looking for ways to know how to develop app like YouTube or Twitch but not every idea can lead you to success. We have worked with clients worldwide and we have always brainstormed for the quickest and easiest ways to get you an app that functions exactly as YouTube does.

How We Transform Video Streaming
Business Ideas Into Apps

Responsive Apps

An app is meant to be responsive to mobile devices. Creating a mobile friendly app can become a hassle and time consuming but we are experts at it.

The Creative Brief

We tend to follow templates of app interfaces that are similar to the app you ask us to clone but by charging a higher fee, we fully customize and personalize it for you.

Ad Management

The best way to monetize an app and earn is by placing authentic ads. You can do the same with your video streaming app just as YouTube does.

Profitable Option

The more users subscribe to a channel, the more lucrative options unfold for the channel owner. The same can be done so by increasing the views on videos.

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How To Create An App Like YouTube With Great Features

The list of features required to make app like YouTube stand out.

User Registration

The initial step to using the dating app is to ask the user to register and create an account.

Create Channel

A public channel can be created on the app where the user can add his videos and subscribed channels.

Video Uploads

After creating an account on the app, users can upload multiple videos at once.

Stream Videos

Video streaming option in the resolution of your choice is available.

Live Stream

Users can live stream video content for their subscribers without any time limits.

Trending Videos

A separate section for trending videos where users can view daily or weekly trending content.


Users can subscribe to other channels as well as manage the subscriptions they currently have.

Language Options

Option to change the language of the app, audio and video transcript from the available languages.

Share Videos

Sharing options to share multiple videos on social media sites, apps and websites are possible.

Add Filters

Search filters to find videos belonging to a certain category or according to video type and date.

Video List

A personal or public playlist of movies, shows, songs and webinars on your account.

Watch List

If there is a video you intend to watch sometime later, it can be added to the watch list.

Search History

Users will be able to view their search history of all the content they have viewed so far.

How We Estimate The Cost To Create App Like YouTube

The thought alone to develop app like YouTube for an affordable price is not enough as it consumes our talented team’s efforts, hard work and expertise to help you acquire a video streaming mobile app. You can inquire for the final cost to develop your app after we have devised a thorough plan for it. The plan will include design complexity, back-end development, feature integration, number of features and the operating system selected to make app like YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Making an app like YouTube requires expertise in Python, C, and C++. Additionally, it requires viable skills in Java and Go for back-end purposes. YouTube also utilizes HTML5 in some aspects, which is why we at Develop App Like suggest seeking help from our seasoned professionals.

A: The cost of making an app like YouTube varies. YouTube is a video hosting website, with billions of views and users. This is why the development of an app like YouTube is complicated. Nevertheless, our experts at Develop App Like make video hosting app development look effortless.

A: Yes, you can make a clone of YouTube. However, it would require an in-depth understanding of Python development as well as HTML5, to develop a viable front-end. Nevertheless, we at Develop App Like offer unmatched services to create application clones, like YouTube.

A: The core programming of YouTube app comprises of Python, C++. Additionally, it includes Java and Go for proper back-end purposes. It also includes HTML5 for smooth user interactions. Our experts at Develop App Like provide services and expertise in the above-mentioned languages.

A: Apps like YouTube require multi-faceted development. It goes through many stages of development until the final product is ready in roughly 8-12 weeks. However, our experts compress that timeline short. We at Develop App Like provide unmatched and timely app development solutions.

A: First, you require proper market research and competitor analysis. After that, you need to finalize your concept before you write a single line of code. Provided we have expertise in app development, we recommend seeking help from professionals at Develop App Like.

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