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At the most affordable price and highly flexible cost packages, we bring to you an amazing opportunity to establish a hospitality business. Knowing how crazy people are for trying new dishes and yummy meals, you may not be able to establish a full-fledged restaurant but with our support can have a delivery app.

We create an app like Foodpanda, to provide the most convenient and efficient solution to order food. And for the restaurant owners, the app facilitates with the fastest and safest order delivery. The entire management process becomes proficient by getting the assistance of a delivery company. So, we step forward to help you by making an app like Foodpanda. We have hired a team of talented developers and designers to promise compelling app delivery.

The Massive Range of Features We Provide

We know how to make an app like Foodpanda and we ensure our customers with the top-notch quality design features. At a highly affordable cost, we help you get an instant solution to accelerate the restaurant sales while maximizing opportunities for success for your business.

Instant Geo Location Sharing

The way we create an app like Foodpanda, we incorporate features that ensure fast processing and ease in the overall experience. We create three interfaces and each of them has the feature to view real time geolocation of another. The admin can view the location of both his customers and the rider, whereas the rider can view the location of the customer to drop the order. So, in this way, everybody gets connected well.

Order Menus

We organize the orders menu properly when we develop an app like Foodpanda. We added an appealing feature image to attract the customer with properly placed price tags of each meal. You can view the different meal options and can even use filter to get your desired result. You will be flushed with a numerous mouth-watering options to go with.

Shopping Cart and Payment Modes

The biggest hurdle user’s encounter is filling their shopping carts. They get confused as to how many items they have placed in it and what’s their total amount. So, to avoid such complexities, we use advanced tools and build an efficient cart for the users. You can each item and can omit them even while selecting any other meal.

Moreover, you will get multiple payment modes as well. We make an app like Foodpanda where we facilitate the option to integrate debit cards and credit cards into the app for higher convenience. No more ruffling cash in your hands.

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Real Time Tracking

The moment you place the order, the app will take you to a separate window to show you where the rider is and how much time he will take to deliver. You will be able to get satisfied by checking up on him until he reaches at your doorstep. By doing so, you can guide him about your exact location as well to save him from getting lost in the streets.

The 24/7 Chat Option

You can send queries or concerns related to your order from the in-built chat option. The experts will reach out to you and make sure to wipe off your concerns with a better solution. We create an app like Foodpanda that stand apart from the clusters and provide an efficient solution to the potential users. You will feel encouraged to use it and will ultimately get more inclined to counting on it as well. We will not let you starve, so come and let’s start building now!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, you can build an application enabling your customers to order food. However, it requires an acute understanding of app development languages like JS and Swift. We have gathered experts with years of experience in app development. Our experts at Develop App Like provide unmatched solutions.

A: An application like Foodpanda requires a strategic plan for app development. It would include order-menus, shopping cart, and payment methods. We at Develop App Like provide our team of experts at your disposal. Our solutions include planning, designing, and developing an application.

A: An app like Foodpanda requires strategic planning of each complexity before developing. Once that is done, the designing and actual programming come into place. Our team of experts will help you out on each step of the way, including strategizing a plan, in order to ensure a cost-effective and efficient solution.

A: We provide application solutions to all businesses, established and upstarts alike. We thoroughly plan and develop an application like Foodpanda for you. Our services include planning and developing. Additionally, we at Develop App Like provide advertisement and after-development solutions as well.

A: Cloning an application with an open-source is not complicated. However, beginners may compromise the quality while cloning an app. In order to create or clone an application accurately, we provide our team of seasoned experts at your disposal.

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