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It is certain that Duolingo has been leading the rankings and spectrum of language learning apps across both the app stores. From the appeal it has to the inclusion of gamification the app has brought, we are capable of replicating the same features Duolingo has and transform them into a full-fledged learning app using custom designs and development techniques.

Features We Will Add To Make App Like Duolingo

App users will be able to make the most out of the following Duolingo-like features included in your language-learning app.

Courses Directory

The app will consist of an extensive directory of courses, which the users can enroll in.

Multiple Languages

The app will support a detailed directory of languages so users will have a broader learning spectrum.

Speaking Exercises

The users can choose from a wide range of speaking exercise available in multiple languages.

Listening Exercises

Listening exercises will be available in a similar format and will also support a number of languages.


A separate section for translating sentences to fasten the learning time and experience.

Learning Levels

Availability of different learning levels where users can earn different experiences accordingly.


Achievement badges will be given to each user who clears a specific level and course.


The leaderboard section is going to contain the names of those who have secured the highest points in a specific course.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are enabled in the app so that users will be notified about their learning progress and new exercises.

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How To Create An App Like Duolingo For Language Learning

The following factors are to be considered to develop app like Duolingo in the quickest and affordable manner ever.

Easy Training

Since Duolingo follows a very simple and easy format for language training, the learning mobile apps we have created so far follow the same format just as Duolingo does by using pictures and audios.

Social Media

The user would first have to register on the app and then commence with the languages lessons. We have added a feature of social media integration where users can register using their social media accounts.

Gamification In Learning

Each lesson and learning exercise has been gamified so that the app users do not grow tired of the language learning training. Users have to clear exciting games in each phase and that keeps them hooked on to the app.

Clear & Concise

Duolingo has made sure to keep each lesson and training exercise as clear as possible. According to the level of each user, the exercises have been carefully selected and then added to the app.

Exceptional Design

The interface and user experience of the app has to be appealing or else it will not spark the interest of the learners. We have followed the same notion and created the app interface to be highly user-friendly.

Cross-Platform Support

The app currently supports both iOS and Android operating systems so we made sure to give the same service to our clients as well. However, it might increase the cost of development, as you will getting two different platform apps.

Build An App Like Duolingo At An Affordable Price

Both the cost and the time required to make app like Duolingo should be your two main concerns and the rest follows later on. The one thing that you should note is the design and UX of the app you shall choose. If you are opting for a more complex version of Duolingo with additional features then the cost of it will increase too. If you think your app needs to be present on both iOS and Android app stores, the price of the development package will vary then as well.

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