We Create Apps Like

PayPal Using Advanced Tools

Do you want to provide the safest platform to your customers to make transactions? Do you fear about the cost or the skyrocketing prices of app development? At our platform, we provide top-notch services to make an app like PayPal. We incorporate every feature that can help in making an innovative impression of the app. We aim in strengthening your business and bringing you closer to your goals.

You can have a feature-rich interface with smooth functionality. We pay utmost attention to enhancing the user experience and to indulging the target audience completely. We develop an app like PayPal using most efficient toolkit and software to generate high tech outcomes. We can help you benefit business and various industries with reliable payment modes. You can ensure the safest digital payment platform to your target users.

What Sets Our Work Apart

We create apps like PayPal full with a number of features and aspects to ensure highest productivity.

Payment Options

We incorporate multiple payment modes for your mobile app. From credit to debit to net banking to e-wallets there will be a lot of options for the users. We add convenience and ease in your app activities.

Card Info

We can allow you to choose a particular payment gateway to store all the card details. You can use them at any time. You will not have to enter the information over and over again.

Web Integration

You can integrate the money transfer options to your web version of the app. In this way, whether you have a cell phone in hand or not you can synchronize every detail.

Customer Support

The best facility we have in the app when making a high tech version is to allow 24/7 customer support. We stay close to every problem and rectify the issues on a single go.

Personal Dashboard

You can have your own dashboard after making an account. You can view the transaction details and all the information related to the payment modes.

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Must Have Features of Our PayPal Apps

We build such an app like PayPal that is enriched with a number of features. At the most cost-effective service, we provide services that help in enticing customers towards your app making them stay for longer.

Sleek Interface

We incorporate an engaging interface to entice your users and increase the level of productivity. We keep the functionality convenient enough to attract target audience and indulge them in the content completely. We add creative aspects and uncluttered graphics to keep the overall aesthetic appealing and interactive.

Cloud Environment

To ensure utmost security and fast backup of your data, when we ponder as to how to create an app like PayPal we provide cloud environment. Through cloud integration, you can secure your credentials without any stress.

Privacy and Security

We provide end-to-end encryption to users. We make sure that our users feel free to use the app we create hence we ensure maximum security.

Select Languages

Providing services globally, we make sure that our users encounter no hindrance in interacting with the features the app provides. In the app functionality, you can select the desired language and make everything convenient for yourself.

Payment Tracking

You can easily track your payment and get notified when the payment is successfully transferred into your account. From transferring from a third-party service to the app and then to your bank account requires a certain duration. You will be updated throughout the process and can have your money transferred without any trouble. You can get such an app in no time. So, quickly get in touch.

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