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Create App Like OLX For The Ecommerce Industry

The ecommerce marketplace has been evolving at a global scale so no wonder business owners are eager to become a part of this growing industry. However, it does sound like a simple thought but the competition arising over the years has made it difficult for ecommerce websites and apps to earn a reputable and visible position amongst the rest.

Now ecommerce websites are relying on mobile apps so there has been an upsurge in businesses and individuals intending to make app like OLX or eBay. If you have a profitable idea for an ecommerce business and you do not know how to commence with it – we are here to assist you with it.

How To Create An App Like OLX With Key Features

In order to build an app like OLX, some features are integral to add to your online marketplace app.


Users will be able to place ads, buy or sell items only if they registered for an account.

Ad Placements

Placement of ads can be done both free of cost or by paying a small fee for it.

Highlight Ads

By paying an extra fee for the ads, it is even possible to highlight product ads on the main page.

Buy & Sell

Users can take the role of a buyer or seller without switching between multiple accounts.

Apply Filters

Filters can be added to the search bar to make the search result more accurate.

Product Categories

App users can select from the product categories of their choice and even apply filters.

Language Options

The app is currently available in both local and global languages but the list of languages is limited for now.

Chat & Message

If users want to inquire further about a product from a buyer, they can start a private chat with them.

Push Notifications

App notifications that will notify users in case if someone messages them, views their products or about a new deal.

Save Items

Products and items that users want to view or purchase later can be added to the list of saved items.

View Deals

Trending deals are shown on the main interface of the app and users can browse through them.

Place Deals

If a seller wants to add a new deal, he can do so in the ‘Place A Deal’ feature in the app.

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How To Determine The Cost To Develop App Like Olx

We cannot present you the final cost of your app initially but here are the factors that determine the actual price estimation.

Operating System

The two most popular operating systems for mobile apps are iOS and Android. It entirely depends on you which platform you want to choose but we will guide you to select one that fits your app the best.

Design & Interface

The second step to app development before you integrate workable features to it is its UI/UX design. We choose contemporary design elements for your app’s interface but know that the more complex the design becomes, the more we will charge for it.

Feature Integration

While the phase of integrating features does lie in the development phase, however, to create app like OLX, we analyze your list of app requirements and features and then plan the process of integrating those features accordingly.

Development Phase

The final stage before app deployment is its development. It is a lot like the app design phase but somewhat more complex so the charges can vary if the time and team efforts required making the app fluctuate or change.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The cost of marketplace app development depends entirely on the demand and special features. Apps like OLX are hybrid, and therefore require a deeper understanding of hybrid app development. That is why we offer services in Hybrid and native app development alike, saving your time and money.

A: Marketplace applications are interactive and likely to be used by people across platforms. That’s why their development in Hybrid and Native languages requires an astute language understanding. We at Develop App Like can create an app like OLX for you, as we offer unmatched services in any type of programming language.

A: Depending on different complexities and development stages, it may take up to 12 weeks to develop an app like OLX. Nevertheless, our team of experts ensures the timely arrival of your product. Along with that, we offer an impeccable cost-effective application development solution.

A: You can use Kotlin and Java for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS development. However, developing an app like OLX is an intricate and complex process. That is why we provide services that plan your app and also ensure its timely and cost-effective provision.

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