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We Know How To Create An App Like Shazam

It is a very common instance when you seem to be thinking of a song but just cannot remember its name. The developers of Shazam made use of this notion and built an entire business in the form of an app on this small concept. Now that you know a simple notion can be turned into a profitable business, you can do the same by asking us to make app like Shazam for you. We have all the technologies and experience needed to turn mere ideas into full-fledged businesses on mobile apps.

What Features Are Needed To Build An App Like Shazam?

Some of the most important features to make app like Shazam are the following.

Account Creation

Users will first have to create a personal account on the app and then use all of its features.

Music Recognition

Just as Shazam does, the app will listen to a specific part of the song and predict its name for the app user.

Visualizing Audio

When the audio starts recording, the app interface changes into a 3D visualization of the audio being recorded.

Social Media

The app users can easily connect to social media apps such as Twitter and Facebook without any hassle.

Search Feature

Users can search for songs, videos, artists and song albums by adding the relevant search filters.

Recent Searches

The app’s interface will contain a map where the user’s most recent searches will be shown.

Visual Recognition

The app can even contain a visual recognition feature that works just as the audio visualization feature does.

Offline Mode

An offline mode where you can search and listen to songs when not connected to the internet.

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How Will Your App Like Shazam Work?

Since your app is going to function a lot like Shazam, here is a basic overview of each of its feature for song recognition is going to perform.

  • The user will be first asked to record a song.
  • Once the song is recorded, the app is going to visualize it.
  • During the visualization process, the app will search for songs that match the recording.
  • Once the analysis is done, the user will be shown the details of the song that matches accurately.

Create App Like Shazam That Is Cost-Effective

In order to create app like Shazam, there are many more factors to consider other than its price. Since it is a music identification app, you can find several of those on both the iOS and Android app stores. The selection of app platform plays a great role in the determination of the final development cost. Here are the following factors your app’s pricing depends on.

  • Using a custom-made design solution or re-using design templates.
  • The number of features and the variations in them.
  • Complexity in both the design and features.
  • Adding custom animations or animated GIFs
  • The experience and proficiency the development team has.
  • Technologies used for the app’s design and development.

The Monetization Options We Offer To Clients

You must be curious to know how Shazam makes money since the ultimate goal of every app owner is to somehow earn money and generate revenue from it. Currently, Shazam is available on both the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. The app owners earn money from investors, placements of advertisements and by getting referrals from Spotify or iTunes. That is exactly the same monetization strategy that we shall follow for your mobile app as well as the inclusion of a freemium model and in-app purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Apple owns Shazam, and therefore may require Hybrid app development in order to support android phones. However, this expertise would be in Java or Swift. Meaning the cost could go high, depending on the number of work-hours spent. We at Develop App Like offer efficient and cost-effective app solutions.

A: In order to create an app like Shazam, you require expertise in Java or Swift. Java presents many frameworks. iOS’ Swift requires an acute understanding of apple products. We at Develop App Like offer services with the help of our seasoned professionals to enable you to create apps like Shazam.

A: Yes, it is possible to create a clone app of Shazam. However, it will require astute skills in Android and iOS development. Develop App Like presents many options, whether it is cloning or creating. Our experts with impeccable skills in app development make the impossible seem possible.

A: Depending on the work-hours spent and platforms required, Develop App Like offers the most cost-effective and efficient app development solutions. Our team, comprising of seasoned professionals, ensures saving not only your time but also your money.

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