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Do you find it stressful to manage all your food deliveries or manage orders promptly? Do you want an app for your restaurant or café that can handle your order efficiently? Well, we are here to assist you to make an app like Zomato. We have been working with a number of brands and have years of excellence. We know just about the right way to develop an app like Zomato.

We equip apps to facilitate the users. We not only create a user interface but build an additional two more interface – one for the restaurant owner and the second one for the rider. So that makes a total of three interfaces rich with features. If you think your restaurant is in a dire need for a great app, here is the perfect opportunity to build the way you want. We are here with our unmatched experts around the time and assure you perfection and excellence only. So, stop wasting more time and get in touch quickly.

Brief Look About the Many Features We provide

We create app like Zomato that has all that needed to run a smooth restaurant business and placing an order quickly. With our exceptional expertise, you get to witness an uncountable range of features in each one of the three interfaces. So, keep learning.

Customer Interface

When we make an app like Zomato, we incorporate features to bring ease in customer experience.

Optimized Search

We maintain the menu of each restaurant perfectly with the price tags as well. A customer can select whichever he wants perfect for his appetite.

Payment Modes

You do not have to stick to paying the rider by cash; you can connect your debit/credit cards and place the order without experiencing any hassle.

Order Tracking

From the time of placing an order till the time it reaches your door safely, you will be updated with a real-time location sharing and order tracking facility.

Rider Interface

We understand how much hassle a single rider has to go through from; therefore, we keep the interface attractive yet efficient enough to handle everything easily.

Order Details

The rider will get to know the exact order requirements to pick up from the restaurant. From the total amount to the number of items to carry. He will be able to sort thing out easily as well.

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Customer Details

We know how to create an app like Zomato and so we add a descriptive section to guide the rider about customer’s location and all the necessary details from cell phone number to the nearest prominent spot to locate the building.

The Delivery Status

To avoid any miscommunication, the app will automatically get updated regarding the rider’s activities. If he is running late, it will inform the customer. It will also let the customer track his pickup time, and the duration taken in delivering the order.

Admin’s Interface

We build an app like Zomato at the most affordable cost that enables the restaurant owners to monitor the activities effectively.

Interactive Stats

He can view the details about the riders and the delivery status. He can track the location of each rider and see if anyone is available to assign with a new delivery. He can even track the time of meal preparation and delivery.

Feedback Section

The way we make an app like Zomato we make sure that nothing remains hidden from the admin; hence, he will be able to view the detailed feedback section from the customer and act on the issues proficiently. So, get in touch and let start building an amazing app.

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