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The concept of artificial intelligence is no longer elusive since it has now become an integral part of our daily lives and routine-based tasks. No one could have imagined that there will exist a technology such as a smart mobile assistant but now it does. If you are wondering how to make app like Google Assistant then know that it is a very complex task to create a virtual assistant app from scratch with all the latest and innovational features that you can think of.

But, our app developers have overcome this challenge and have the complete skill set required to develop a virtual assistant app with all the top-notch features a mobile assistant would require.

Why We Help Clients Build An App Like Google Assistant

Google Assistant is your personal AI-based assistant that has been already integrated into most Android smartphones. But the global demand of individuals and business owners to acquire an app that is a lot similar to a mobile assistant gave us the motivation to make app like google assistant.
Here are all the reasons why our mobile assistant apps have become popular across the world.

Simple Interface

We make sure to eliminate the need to tap the screen to proceed further with the relevant actions by introducing a highly simple interface.

Quick Processing

Since voice recognition software is quicker than tapping through different screens, the processing speed is fastened too.


It is quite fascinating to see how mobile assistants and smart voice recognition software have gained global recognition and we are contributing to this innovation.

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Technologies Required To Develop App Like Google Assistant

Virtual mobile assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant have become popular all over the world. Here are the essential features our team will add to your mobile assistant app.

Speech To Text

We have developed our very own speech to text engine that detects human speech and translates it accordingly.

Text To Speech

We have also successfully managed to create a text to speech engine for converting text to its equivalent speech form.

Reducing Noise

For better calculation and understanding of speech, we add noise reduction features to create app like Google Assistant.

Voice Recognition

The voice engine for biometrics we have developed is used alongside the app’s feature to detect user’s voice.

Biometrics Engine

The biometrics engine we rely on for developing mobile assistant apps is an engine to recognize your voice.

Biometrics Engine

The biometrics engine we rely on for developing mobile assistant apps is an engine to recognize your voice.

Compressing Voice

The app also contains the option to compress user voice to generate quick results for the users.

Helping You Acquire Cost-Effective Virtual Assistant Apps

Now if you have made up your mind to own a virtual mobile assistant app, the most crucial phase for every client is the estimation of an app’s development. While a mobile assistant app is a lot more complex to develop than a small-scale mobile app, we still make sure to provide our clients with a cost-effective package for the final development price.

We cannot give you the final cost for your app’s development just by looking at your app’s requirements instead; we require more information from your end. Do not fret; as both our support and app development team will thoroughly analyze each of your requirements and only provide you with the final rates of the package.

Send us your project brief along with the complete set of requirements and we will determine the pricing plan for your mobile app.

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