How To Create An App Like

Airdroid For Unlimited File Sharing

Make App Like Airdroid For Cross-Platform App Development

Managing your iOS or Android smartphone can become a huge hassle if your files are scattered in your phone’s internal storage. To keep your files both storable and transferable, mobiles apps like Airdroid gained popularity. We understood the needs of both individuals and enterprises alike and soon came up with different domains of mobile app development. Your app will not be a carbon copy of Airdroid instead, it will have features and modules that we shall fully customize and integrate according to your preferences.

The mobiles app we create and design are extremely cost-effective so if that is something you are looking for – get in touch with us.

The Need To Create App Like Airdroid For Businesses

The conventional methods of transferring and sharing files to and from your pc to your smartphone have entirely changed. With the emergence of mobile apps such as Airdroid and Shareit, the concept of digital file-sharing emerged. Now businesses and individuals alike are eager to create app like Airdroid with similar features. If you have a similar idea for a mobile app then our app development firm can execute the task for an even more affordable price.

How To Create An App Like Airdroid With Exceptional Features

Here is the complete list of features we add to build an app like Airdroid.

Transfer Files

Whether you want to transfer your data and files directly through a desktop computer or a laptop, the file transferring or sharing apps we develop allows you to easily perform this task.

Remote Access

You do not have to enable routing options to get remote access to your desktop files, images, and date. The app has a built-in encryption method, which lets you share screens and monitor the file transfers in a secure environment.

File Encryption

We make sure to maintain the existing and reliable protocols of file encryption when you have to transfer files from one device to another. Each file is encrypted in the file transfer process without any issues.

Document Viewing

Before transferring or sharing a file, document or image, you can view it and make sure you are sending the right file to the recipient.

Notifications & Alerts

Notifications and alerts will be already enabled in each app to keep you notified about the active and prior file shares and transfers. You will get the transfer reminders in the form of notification alerts or text messages.

Backup Facility

The basic steps to develop app like Airdroid include the option to both synchronize data and create a backup of files, images, and other digital data formats simultaneously.

Calls & Messages

You can even make and receive calls through a file transferring app. Each feature of your smartphone will be accessed by the app and you would not have to resort to multiple apps at once.

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Calculating The Cost To Develop File Transfer Apps

We have not set the cost required to develop file sharing and transferring apps instead, it all depends on how we proceed with the app development process. If the complexity of an app’s development increases so, the cost might increase too. If you want us to add the set of features we add to every app like Airdroid we create then there will be no option of customization for your app.

Here are some of the core elements to govern and accumulate the price of an app.

  • Total number of features and modules
  • The complexity of app features
  • Selection of app operating system (iOS or Android)
  • The time required to develop and design app
  • Enhancing user experience and interface

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